Here in Energy Orchard, we encourage you to recognise just how diverse you are. Recently we joined a marketing company, in order to one earn money, to furnish our resources here and secondly to contribute to the marketing of the work we are doing.  Two days, after joining a major transition occurred for the company, which remains ongoing. What has been incredible to notice, is the attitudes of members. From support and loyalty to the fear and panic stage of adapting to change. Whilst fascinated to observe, I have been noticing my own response and maturity. Capturing this, I wanted to share my views on the importance of having a diverse portfolio of creative things you love doing. Find them. As these pages are being formed from over 20 years of voluntary work, it is becoming clear, the diversity amongst my work keeps me going and trusting the process. The thought of writing, playing, teaching and learning drives me, and enhances who I am. So, create diversity amongst your portfolio, and there is no need to fear anything.

of Passionately believing there is a short cut to success, I am really proud as I reflect on the History section below, which maps how we started.

Much has been developed since, during the 20 years, and these will unfold as you go through the pages. What I set out to do, is unfolding, determination, belief and trust.



The seed for Including-You (charity) was planted in 1996.  We exist to raise the voices and participation of 'minority communities' in Preston and surrounding areas.  This has come about by identifying issues and concerns raised from a variety of consultation networking events held over the past 20 years.

Including-You's strategy is to develop it's capacity to offer development support services, which are culturally and socially sensitive, high in quality, readily accessible and consistently informed by culturally diverse communities in Preston and surrounding areas.  We aim to fulfil these aims through a specifically developed corporate strategy involving supporting the strategic action plan and collective vision of regeneration by sharing the insight of diverse communities and creating solutions, through trust, confidence and quality assurance.

The gaps of knowledge and evidence gathered, which informed the development of Including-You, has identified a number of key objectives which are necessary in terms of involving all people, for further information or involvement, contact us.

Including-You was created in order to raise the voices and participation of 'minority' communities across Preston and surrounding areas.  We have a six step project outline which includes:

December 2001 to March 2002

Step 1: Mapping - This facility has been created in order to identify and network organisations,  regardless of size.  It will enable the strategic development support needed for the community and voluntary sector.

April 2002 - March 2003........Training and programme delivery......

Step 2: Celebrating Diversity - As a group of committed volunteers from Diverse communities and backgrounds we wanted to measure quality of service without enforcing upon people and organisations.  We believe that all people deserve the best and therefore, we looked for ways that equality could be demonstrated.  Equality is not in the papers that gather dust on the shelves or in the filing cabinet, filed after the latest update on 'equal opportunities'.  We believe equality is demonstrated by those individuals, who make up your organisation, addressing isuses of diversity within everyday interactions.  A leaf symbol indicates the participation level of the organisation.

From 1996 ongoing.............

Step 3: Partnership - As part of our commitment to Partnership - all people will be able to access the information on these pages, through computer access facilities in libraries,, learning centres, colleges, places of employment, home computers, sheltered accommodation, school, hospital, and so on.  Organisations will be encouraged to update their information and will be amended throughout the life of this website.

From 1996 ongoing..........

Step 4: Marketing - The internet is a low cost Marketing resource, which will allow people to access information, engage at a level which suits them, raise the profiles of community needs, highlight organisations aims and activities, thus, increasing partnership working and building trust.  We will create a wealth of information relation to the health and well-being of diverse communities, and support through accessing information technology communication, through the skills of our volunteers.

September 2002.......ongoing

Step 5: Funding4You - We have a unique fund raising strategy, and require volunteers to implement it.  So if you are enthusiastic, fun, have a passion and vision to make a difference, we need You.  Dream Workshop being held from March 2006.

Major funding December 2001 to September 2004 to put Including-You on the map, in terms of credibility and recognition.


The last 12 years have been focused on research and development around the areas of Marketing and Wealth Creation. We have expanded somewhat, including some new elements, to ensure a smoother transition for participants. As a person centred strategy, each element of what we do, as been thoroughly tested, to ensure we include everyone - Including-You.

Work with us ...