Here in Energy Orchard, we encourage you to recognise just how diverse you are. Recently we joined a marketing company, in order to one earn money, to furnish our resources here and secondly to contribute to the marketing of the work we are doing.  Two days, after joining a major transition occurred for the company, which remains ongoing. What has been incredible to notice, is the attitudes of members. From support and loyalty to the fear and panic stage of adapting to change. Whilst fascinated to observe, I have been noticing my own response and maturity. Capturing this, I wanted to share my views on the importance of having a diverse portfolio of creative things you love doing. Find them. As these pages are being formed from over 20 years of voluntary work, it is becoming clear, the diversity amongst my work keeps me going and trusting the process. The thought of writing, playing, teaching and learning drives me, and enhances who I am. So, create diversity amongst your portfolio, and there is no need to fear anything.

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