Coffee Beanies

Coffee Beanies concept relates to paying it forward and providing financial sustainability, for individuals and community.

By using the Social Enterprise model, along with Social Franchising, the title is to assist people in grasping the concept without the need of much explanation.

Whilst I support charity, the systems have been created to lend itself to people needing resources, i.e. Money to survive. With this in mind, and the increasing numbers of people looking to make a difference to others and themselves, the concept of combining charity principles and business seems a practical and sensible solution.

With these in mind, Coffee Beanies embraces the two. The franchise elements, means we are able to duplicate these simple principles with ease to branch out, where needed. The social element of the franchise related to paying it forward, is an additional development in recognition that many people who want to make a difference do not think of money first.

As money is a major resource required, and can sometimes take time to gain, the coffee beanies principle, is to pay it forward for the next person, to ease the pressure. With a health giving element, to the product, the impact of this enterprise on communities, is outstanding.

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