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Set Your Intention

At the age of 4 years & 11 months, I made a wish & here are the results.

Welcome to the page of Anthea Fenton, the Creator of the No. 1 Emotional Intelligence Universal Toolkit. A toolkit which is a Gift Back To Humanity (YOU). To empower us into the following:

  • Improve our relationships within ourselves & each others.

  • Co~create a new way of Being inclusive of all sentient beings.

  • Shift from Complexity to Simplicity with Empowered Action.

  • What have you created & Why?

    An Empowerment Toolkit was founded by Anthea Fenton because she found trading time for money affected her health, relationships and lifestyle, leading to divorce, stress, anxiety & depression.

    As she began healing she found other people who would talk about the same imbalances of time, money & health. There appeared limited options to design a lifestyle plan that accommodates the need to adapt to life transitions of growing families, aging parents, community and living. Her research led to discover many people were trading too much time for money, with the pressure of putting food on the table and they too felt stressed, undervalued, unworthy and unfulfilled.

    Her alternative plan is to accommodate the changing needs which affect us all. Creating an opportunity to earn a living, whilst creating balance and living life on your terms, with the freedom to live a simpler life, whilst making a difference to the world. Her actions have led to a plan which includes You.

    We start from the Beginning. The Beginning of You 🌱

    Our DNA hold the emotional memories of our ancestors. You hold the key to release beyond you.  

    Online membership platform

    Being of an empathic nature, my emotions were raw. Despite being the peace maker amongst the siblings . I would often cry alone at the mistreatment, judgements of other ~ who I can and can't be. Mainly due to academic importance. I was too sensitive to learn in school, in the style presented. In a moment of a decision, I decided, I would create something to engage the heart, not just the head. Where everyone is included.

    Find Out More

    Physical books and blueprints

    Tell Your Story Blueprint is open to anyone and everyone. You are handheld through the process and have guidance through the membership portal. The format is that 2/3rds of the book is written for you, your contribution is the 1/3. This really is a co-creation process. You not only produce your book at the end, you also have the opportunity to empower handholding others through the process too. The other blueprint is the Flourish with Passion that includes the facilitation for the game and the tell your story blueprint (currently active with research and documenting the Empowering Angels Blueprint.

    Tell Your Story

    Play to Release & Re establish 'Wonder'

    Many of us had to grow up so quickly, we lost our innocence and awe of life so early. All is not lost. Through playing we are able to evoke memories and feelings. Transmuting them has we move forward. The more we play, the more we release. Once we realise the power of this process, it becomes natural. We begin feeling in the moment, breathing and releasing.  

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    Our Founder Anthea

    "My mother always said that you know an earth angel by the way you feel when you're with them. That saying fully resonated with me in the form of full body light ups upon first connecting with Anthea. Her voice and presence has such a grounding and nurturing quality. She truly has the patience of a saint! My journey had many ups and downs and blocks and break down moments, but Anthea has been such a bacon of unwavering light every single step. This incredible story telling process and games is completely beyond an earthly description. It truly and wholly has to be experienced. God doesn't make mistakes and she most certainly didn't in choosing Anthea to bring this gift to humanity. It could have been no one else. If there is one thing you do to nurture your soul this earth walk I recommend this with every fibre of my being. Overflowing with Gratitude Anthea, thank you with my whole heart". Zoe, Australia

    Zoe, Australia

    Walking the Talk with The Circular Economy & Spiritual Currency since May 2021. I am an Empowered Alchemist.

    Teaching Creative Solutions for Leaders to Lead Without Compromise.

    Is Your Vision Bigger Than You?

    Founder of Empower In An Hour & Tell Your Story Blueprint

    I empower people with tools to transform their lives and that of others.  My goal to empower 1 billion families by reigniting the compassionate heart within 10,000 Empowered Alchemists.

    • Handing holding through the 24 hour process

    • Once a month update & visioning

    • Access to the retreat & opportunities to partner with transparency

    My goal, throughout the development and implementation of these two blueprints ~ You. In my heart, I knew there had to be another way. I knew people would be seeking an ethical, supportive, passion driven and compassionate from the heart entrepreneur. Working with each other, to manifest all dreams.  A win-win formula.

    Publications Mapping the journey from busyness to being

    After writing Life After Stress, Anxiety & Depression I continued, here are some of my publications. 

                        The 'divine timing uploads' will happen when I receive the nudge. October 2021

      The Empowered Soul Sixteen Lessons to Empowering The Soul 

      Reflection of leaving my home of 26 years, a narcissist relationship and how to fight to live. This period of my life was very grim. However, during such time, we don't often see the bigger picture and reasons for such lessons.


      The Journey of Innocence The first twenty one years of living

      To live a life of balance 'going there' is necessary. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder events are worthy of re ~ visiting to release that which no longer serves joy. To release with forgiveness is a major part of the healing. 

      I Am Intuitive Marketing

      A reflective manual on Marketing vs Selling. Sensitive people would often talk about the struggle of charging for their work. They would talk about feelings of 'selling' and didn't make them feel comfortable. Attraction plays an important role.

      Being At Home Guide Exploring education children & parents

      The option of home~schooling was granted to parents in 2019/20.  Many parents have been home~schooling or unlearning for some time.  This book encourages parents to integrate nature & seasons, in a fund interactive way.  Growing at the pace of the child.

      How To Become An Certified Empowering Angel

      The training manual to support the journey of certifying in becoming an empowering angel. Whilst most of the practical aspects of setting up to share with others and attract partner, there are a few things which you are required to do to lay the foundations firmly.

      How To Release Your Empowered Alchemist

      An opportunity to work with leaders and newly awakened givers to strengthen their foundations, inclusive of diversity. To co ~ create the bridge of transition through being on the same page. To nurture seedlings to flourish & blossom realigning full potential of infinite possibilities.

      Soul Food Top Up To Empower the Soul

      To walk the talk, is to have explored many challenges in life and to teach others how to overcome them.

      These podcasts are to share the journey, past and present.

      With over 3 years of recordings, I will post many different topics of exploration. Along with a few Empowering Angel Guest along the way.

      I have loved radio presenting for a while and had the opportunity to be on community radio. Now I am developing my own show.

      The intentions of these intuitive ramblings ~ to inspire, gain insight, clarity, motivation, encouragement, upliftment & healing.

    Original pioneers testimonials about Telling Their Story

    Firstly, I would like to thank our Woman in Vision our Empowering Angel Anthea. The acceleration of growth and inner healing from Telling My Story through facing resistance and delving into the stagnant areas and blocks in my life. Have led me to a New Sense of Hope and Confidence wanting to share this amazing process with all who have Open Hearts and Vision for a whole new way forward. Thank you from my heart.

    Lahilah Apia ~ Author, Co~Creator & Facilitator of Empower In An Hour 2016



    For anyone doing some soul searching, better relationship more truth in your life. Perfect your digital, network marketing skills I recommend Tell Your Story is beneficial, so many to mention. I was looking for more authenticity deep meaningful conversations. Learnt more about myself, my personality, ego and trust. Feeling and emotions shared has given me strength of understanding and connected. More confidence, self worth, self esteem. Growth personally, shifting blocks and set backs. Depth and authentic connection. 

    Scott Wilding - Author & Co~creator Pioneer 2018

    I have gained so much clarity, confidence and self-belief through this process of telling my story. Anthea has provided a simple yet powerful formula to get rid of the old that no longer serves us and to welcome in the new; I feel empowered and ready to accept my leadership role in my own life. Thank you Anthea!

    Jeri~ Lee Svenson ~ Author, Co~Creator & Pioneering Facilitator of Change 2018

    Here Is What Some Players Are Saying!

    I've Been Empowered In An Hour & I felt...

    "Fun filled, relaxed & enjoyed. Easy gentle beautiful structure..." 

    "I've Been Empowering In An Hour by Anthea".

    Denise ~ England

     Recent Experiences

    Here are a few testimonials from Dec 2020 & January 2021

    I felt really honest with myself, clarified the reasons why I've been procrastinating that will allow me to convey my message, taking steps to fulfil my mission and play bigger. Mei helped me to define especifico dates to achievement. With clarity, I made a commitment to myself to identify, acknowledge and dismiss excuses. I was also reminded of the importance to have fun in the process.

    TaNNia F.

    Certified Empowering Angel

    It helped me get things out that I wouldn’t usually speak about. With young people its more difficult because there is more judgement in the world recently than there ever has been. You roll the dice and land on something, you just say what you feel about it. Even sometimes when you don’t want to speak about something its easier. Especially if your playing it is more enjoyable than just sitting 1 to 1 and speaking about it. You getting it out in a fun way. 

    Josh ~ Aged 12 years

    I've Been Empowered In An Hour

    I had an amazing opportunity to play this game with TaNNia and making plans on how I can hold myself accountable to my time and giving back more to me. Reflecting on the game, I now have a guide written for me to hold myself more accountable to reach my goals and aspirations. Thank you for holding space for me TaNNia. She’s such an empathic and compassionate being, love and blessings.  

    Mei T.

    Certified Empowering Angel

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