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Empower In An Hour Gives You A Moment to Reflect Upon YOU & What Is Important In Your Life

Empower In An Hour Can Be Played In Person &/or Digitally Online

  • Create an action plan to nurture you and your intentions.

  • Understand, use and manage your emotions to relieve stress overcome challenges and smile.

  • Empowers healthy relationships by communicating effectively.

  • Supports empathising with others, including you. 

  • The 3 Best Features Of Empower In An Hour That Makes It An Awesome Product For You.

    In this section we describe the 3 main features of the game that makes it so useful.

    Empower In An Hour  Can Be Played In Person &/or Digitally Online

    Play the game in the comfort of your own home.  Download the Empowerment cards and arrange a time to meet with one of our Fabulous Facilitators. Connect over a screen sharing platform, so that you can see the game. Turn up at the time arranged and you are good to go. Free to play your first time, all we ask is for a video &/or written testimonial of your experience of the game and facilitator. Donations optional.

    Unique To You ~ Personalised Action Plan

    Each person who plays the game with a Fabulous Facilitator talks about the power of playing and what they uncover about themselves within a short space of time. The personalised action plan unfolds as you play and begin to peel back the layers. As the action plan is devised by you it is completely unique, with the Facilitator mirroring back what they hear and feel. Hearing your story replayed back to you by your Facilitator is a powerful experience. 

    We Are Empowering Angels ~ Fabulous Facilitators Handholding You

    One of the highlights of playing Empower In An Hour is the opportunity to meet our Fabulous Facilitators, Certified Empowering Angels, who will guide you every step of the way. Holding space for you, the intention is to create a safe place for you to play comfortably empowering you to talk freely, tapping into a deeper part of yourself. When nurtured with unconditional love, this part of your inner self allows you to access your true purpose, values, vision, goals, motivations, beliefs and wisdom. Player often talk of healing old wounds, naturally.

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