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Ready To Adapt 

You like to keep things simple?

Passionate about helping people?

Want to work on your own wellbeing & self care?

Want to grow your practice?

Provide clients with real like changing experiences?

Want to leave a legacy?

Upskill & Get Paid for what you love?

Be part of a supportive & empowered community?

Recent Global events impacted your need to change?

Want to boost your income & client base?

What to work smarter?

Ready to invest in your own development?

Become A Certified Empowering Angel

If you provide support to individuals and groups with a profession, training, wellness or coaching capacity, then this Universal Global Empowerment Toolkit; the only one in the World of its kind, is an incredible tool for you to enrich and improve your service offering and your own continued development journey.

9 Steps | 9 hours | 9 weeks to Transformation

Brought to you by the Empowering Angel, this unique Empowerment Tool created for you to enrich your service offering to your clients aged 4 to 104 and beyond. We are seeking to work with more like hearted people, from all over the world to grow our current Glorious Chorus of Empowering Angels. 

We are now opening our second Application process.

Is This Empowered Angel Opportunity for You?

9 steps | 9 hours | 9 weeks

From Complexity to Simplicity ~ through Emotional Intelligence

Step 1:

Book a time that suits you with a Certified Empowering Angel ~ who is walking their talk.

Step 2:

Print or Draw out the Empowerment Cards to Play. These will be used throughout the game. Design your life plan.

Step 3:

In order to play the game, we use a sharing screen platform, so that we can see the Empowerment Game together. 

Step 4:

You have begun the journey to telling your story by playing the game, Empower In An Hour, now to expand and delve deeper. Emotional Intelligence exploration allows us to tap into a well spring of hidden wisdom. It unfolds with the automatic writing style. Allow the pen to guide you. Write Your Story Part 1 to 5

Step 5:

On the second page of the blueprint, we identify 10 Reasons for sharing your story. Your story is not about you. It is more about the triggers you spark in another and the deep cellular memory wounds which are naturally healed, when sharing such a space. Many writers talk about the power of letting go and allowing.

Step 6:

As we open up to our true essence through story telling, we begin to hear a thread of similarity. We begin to dissolve our differences and we start celebrating our sameness. We begin the empaths journey, through the heart of remembrance. We witness touching stories where listening is enough.

Step 7:

Play Empower In An Hour with founder, provide your testimonial ~ facilitate 10 players in the same way. Gain testimonials to boost your confidence and gain familiarity with the game. The game grows your intuition. Video Map the journey.

Step 8:

Prepare your web presence ~ record your book to share on your membership site. Facilitate new storytellers (10). Practice holding space, screening share in small and larger groups.   Handheld throughout each step.

Step 9:

'Done for You' leaves you time to focus on ~ Being In Action, facilitating and mentoring Empowering Angels. For this, one third of the student fees are paid back to you. Flourish and blossom into your best you. 

Application To Become A Certified Empowering Angel?

Please complete your details below and book a time to go over your application. Please answer the following questions:

 What is your biggest challenge right now?

What are you passionate about?

 Do you have a vision | a bigger picture?

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