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Disclaimer Policy

Due to the heavily discounted products and services, this is our NO Refund disclaimer for any purchases, membership or any other expenditures within our community, that you make. Each person involved on this journey will learn that we are all responsible for our decisions when it comes to personal development and training investing. To discontinue working upon yourself within our community, doesn’t reflect Our wholehearted Lifetime commitment and integrity to your journey.  If you wish to pursue a refund of any services/products you have purchased, we have the right to charge the full undiscounted amount, which will include the Founders continued energy exchange. Please exercise your right to reclaim this potion, in writing to Anthea Fenton. Please note, the undiscounted products begin at three thousand pounds.


Our perception and interpretation of anything and everything that we experience, is individual. However, when it comes to the collective of which our community is, we will always strive to be inclusive of All. This may cause emotional imbalance however, shifting our view point will always be our aim for the greater good. Expression is welcomed in order to empower our differences. 


Anyone involving upon this journey is wise enough to make their own choices and therefore acknowledges that we cannot, do not and will not tell anyone what to do, just offer suggestions and alternative views point the responsibility of involvement is upon you.


Each package i.e Tell Your Story & Empower In An Hour have a lifetime discount which can be applied for through application. This is a bursary which means you agree to contribute equal energy exchange or the small nominal fee.

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