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We Are Empowering Angels ~ Fabulous Facilitators Handholding You

Playing Empower In An Hour you will get the opportunity to meet our Fabulous Facilitators/Empowering Angels, who will guide you every step of the way. Holding space with the intention to create a safe place for you to play. Comfortably empowering you to talk freely and tapping into a deeper part of yourself. When nurtured with unconditional love, this part of your inner self allows you to access your true purpose, values, vision, goals, motivations, beliefs and wisdom. Player often talk of healing old wounds, naturally. The Seeds of Compassionate Action Academy symbol below indicates Active Certified Empowering Angels.


Creator & Author

Life After Stress, Anxiety & Depression

'Nurture Seedlings To Reach Their Full Potential ~ Including You' 1996 Including Me? Yes including ye. No ~ one is immune from the empowering tree. For we are all born with potential, when we can simply Be. Be the change through going within and you will see. Your surroundings will change, the people will see. See the light of your essence, as you smile with glee. Glee that you have found a place from which to grow. Flourish and Blossom let your true spirit flow'. 8 Feb 2021


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Self Neglect

September 9th, 2020 will be an unforgettable date, as our dear Earth Angel Lah, took her last breath with dignity. A short time of knowing her in this life. She remains in our hearts. Life After Self ~ Neglect, lack of self care. A re~hearter of the importance of creating balance, to include You. Your essence remains in full flow, Our Beloved Sweetheart. Before, Now & Beyond 💗


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Chaos

Our first pioneer to take the story telling blueprint and begin facilitating. Since daily conferences provided a sounding board to continue building the foundations for what we see today. Pastures new for the moment. We continue to hold space for Jeri~Lee.


Author & Co~Creator of

Life After Compromise

Being a certified Empowering Angel feels great. Through these tools I have healed my past, gained more confidence, found my passion and purpose in life. Now I use the same tools to empower others to find their authentic alignment with their purpose to create their life in balance and joy.


Author & Co~Creator 

Life After Fall ~ Chasing Butterflies

Please write 3 sentences for this space about your Tell Your Story & Game experience.


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Separation from Source

The storytelling process heals and empowers by holding a safe space to share each other's stories in commUNITY. The game helps connect to the intuitive guidance we all hold within.



Author & Co~Creator

Life After Self~Doubt

This game and process empowers us to get out of our own way so we can transform our experiences into beacons of light, guiding us gently step by step to become our most authentic expression of self. It creates a safe space for growth. It reveals the wisdom of your external existence and your journey through time space and incarnation. Empowering you to connect to the energy of the void, So you can co-create beyond what has ever been possible before...


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Dis~Ease


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Hauling Heavy

Please write 3 sentences for this space about your Tell Your Story & Game experience.

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Author & Co~Creator

Life After Becoming Vegan

"Empower In An hour has led me to get the right answers from within. The storytelling helped me to acknowledge my inner journey without judging it. Both processes have strengthened me as an Empowering Angel to guide others through their own journey."


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Confusion

Please write 3 sentences for this space about your Tell Your Story & Game.


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Lack of Self Love & Mental Blocks 

I am beyond grateful to be a part of such an inspirational journey with all of my Empowering Angels. Anthea has brought such amazing women together as we move forward in stepping into our roles evolving together and others to raise emotional consciousness. It’s important now more than ever to have a space where we can provide and feel safe to expand our spirits together as we live our lives with purpose.

Empowering Angel


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Betrayal

It feels absolutely amazing being an Empowering Angel. I’m looking forward to inspiring and motivating others to reach their goals and achieve their hopes and dreams so that they can live a rewarding, fulfilling and empowered life.


Fabulous Facilitator

"I think Empower In An Hour is great for young people. I want to take it into school for other people to play. It is better than talking 1to1, it is fun and helps you to speak your mind. I told my nan, she want to book in to play". 12 years 2020


Author & Co~Creator

Life After Chronic Pain

Please write 3 sentences for this space about your Tell Your Story & Game experience.


Author & Co~Creator

Each Empowering Angel shares their experience of the game & book in this section.


Author & Co~Creator

Each Empowering Angel shares their experience of the game  & book in this section.

Apply Limited Spaces

Application Open

We have room for 111 students, to test our online systems and confidence builder for our newly Certified Empowering Angels. If you are ready to step into a pioneering student space and resonate with what you see unfolding on these pages, let's hear from you. There is a link below.

Apply to Become An Empowering Angel

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