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Created to nurture your success, in the shortest of time.

Week 1: Play

We welcome players of Empower In An Hour, to experience this powerful tool. Often players either want to purchase the game or partner with us to work together on this ground breaking project. Currently the Empower In An Hour game is only available to Certified Empowering Angels. Distribution is currently through Empowering Angels. We want to make sure we can service the demands, whilst maintaining a very high standard.

Week 2: Learn

tell your story blueprint

Telling Your Story Blueprint is a Read, Write, Publish experience which is like no others. We have the opportunity to read a book in your style, following a structure which is handholding and has been built in order to bring out the best in you through the dark times. The experience is to allow you to express yourself in an environment set to help you flourish and blossom. As you allow the words to fall upon the pages, know that many people have started where you are right now. Much is brought out of the dark to acknowledge and release, taking with it blockages from our physical systems.

Week 6: How to Earn

Early Adopters EA

Each level of membership comes with access for your level of engagement. This is to prevent overwhelm and maintain focus. For those who wish to empower others with the same experience they have had, they are invited to apply to become a Certified Empowering Angel. Support us in our endeavours to feed 1 billion families with opportunities to earn a living. This means by going through this process you create the balance of sustainability in all aspects of your life - Time, Health, Money, Personal Growth, Hopes, Dreams, Legacy & Contribution. As we empower others to reach their goals, 'our goals are achieved just by helping enough other people' Zig Ziglar.

Week 9: Attract & Expand

Nine hours, nine week, nine steps. At this stage, you have all the steps complete to begin applying what you have learnt, to earn back your investment in yourself. A joint effort in attracting people to take up the offer that you have, Combined with various tools of attraction, you will begin reaping the rewards of exchanging your time for financial reward. The revenue sharing model, coupled with guidance from your mentor, our aim to empower you to achieve financial freedom. There is a special paid forward discount for becoming an Early Adopter. Limited places.

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