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Anthea Fenton

Author Title(s):

Life After Stress, Anxiety & Depression (SAD)

Life Beyond Penniless, Homeless & Dying (PHD)

Community Vision:

5.  An economically strong community, creating income-generating opportunities and retaining a high proportion of its wealth.

Taken from Including You Community Vision ~ Tell Your Story Blueprint.


"Realigning 10,000 compassionate hearts through nurturing seedlings to reach their full potential ~ play & story raising emotional intelligenc

Leading Empowering Angels from student to teacher through re-membering their truth: creating a level playing field for humanity".

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Story ~ All Empowering Angels walk their talk, by Telling Their Story.  Here are some of the Authors & Co ~ Creators titles.

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  • Life After Rape Author & Co~Creator: Michele   

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  • Life After Self~Neglect Author & Co~Creator: Lahilah

  • Life After Chaos Author & Co~Creator: Jeri~Lee

  • Life After IC Me Author & Co~Creator: Neale 

  • Life After Attempted Suicide Author & Co~Creator: Scott 

  • Life After L.S.E. (Low Self Esteem) Author & Co~Creator: Cintia

  • Life After Separation & Incest Author & Co~Creator: Tracey

  • Life After Compromise Author & Co~Creator: Lene

  • Life After Taking My Destiny Into My Hands: Author & Co~Creator: Alexander

  • Life After Fall Chasing Butterflies Author & Co~Creator: Wanda

  • Life After Self~Doubt Author & Co~Creator: Zoe

  • Life After Becoming Vegan: Author & Co~Creator TaNNia 

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    Firstly, I would like to thank our Woman in Vision our Empowering Angel Anthea. The acceleration of growth and inner healing from Telling My Story through facing resistance and delving into the stagnant areas and blocks in my life. Have led me to a New Sense of Hope and Confidence wanting to share this amazing process with all who have Open Hearts and Vision for a whole new way forward. Thank you from my heart.

    Lahilah Apia ~ Author, Co~Creator & Facilitator of Empower In An Hour 2016



    For anyone doing some soul searching, better relationship more truth in your life. Perfect your digital, network marketing skills I recommend Tell Your Story is beneficial, so many to mention. I was looking for more authenticity deep meaningful conversations. Learnt more about myself, my personality, ego and trust. Feeling and emotions shared has given me strength of understanding and connected. More confidence, self worth, self esteem. Growth personally, shifting blocks and set backs. Depth and authentic connection. 

    Scott Wilding - Author & Co~creator Pioneer 2018

    I have gained so much clarity, confidence and self-belief through this process of telling my story. Anthea has provided a simple yet powerful formula to get rid of the old that no longer serves us and to welcome in the new; I feel empowered and ready to accept my leadership role in my own life. Thank you Anthea!

    Jeri~ Lee Svenson ~ Author, Co~Creator & Pioneering Facilitator of Change 2018

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